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Management’s world has dramatically changed in response to increasing global competitive pressures. Business leaders realize that the two biggest problems they face today are short-term survival and having the strategic ability to take advantage of the economic recovery while optimizing the business with limited budgets. Short-term survival increasingly focuses on reducing business process costs with more effective automation. In general, these automation techniques produce bottom line savings in excess of 40%. For our clients:

We saved $43 billion in opportunity risks over
  a five-year period SEE HOW
We achieved a 6000% increase in transaction
  processing speed SEE HOW
We invented an efficiency engine that
  performs 250 human years of work every 1.5
  hrs with over 99% improvement over human
  error SEE HOW
We drove compliance risk to zero and passed
  SAS70 audits 100% SEE HOW
We achieved savings of $52 million per year
  through automation frameworks SEE HOW
We achieved savings of $60 million per year
  using Translation Memory Technology
We managed over 400 SDLC release cycles
  with less than 0.02% error SEE HOW
153% return on investment for ITIL in the
  first year
Long-term strategic optimization steps contribute substantially to top line revenue growth as well as further improve operational efficiencies. READ MORE

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